School Day

Below is the timetable of a typical school day.
 8:15am Breakfast Club starts
 8:55am Wake and Shake
 9:00am Guided Reading
 9:25am Lesson 1
 10:30am Break time
 10:45am Phonics and lesson 2
 12:00pm Lunch time
 1:00pm Lesson 3 and 4
 3:00pm Assembly
 3:15pm End of school

The bell rings on the playground at 8:55am and pupils take part in a "Wake and Shake" morning warm up before going into school.

Parents can collect their children from the playground at 3:15pm.

We also offer a range of after school clubs. Please see the school office for more information. 

In the unlikely event of a school closure due to inclement weather, please listen to Radio Suffolk to confirm whether or not the school is open.

This website will also be updated stating whether or not the school is open as will the Suffolk School Closures page:
You should also be contacted by a member of staff from the school.