Cherish All, Achieve Together.

12.7.18- 23:00

We've had a great last day of activities and again the weather has been great; warm but cloudy, perfect for weaselling, high ropes, assault courses, zip wires and raft building.

Taylor did well to squeeze through some tiny gaps, Connie was superb at the assault course (must be all the balancing skills she has) Lewis is a pro at the high ropes along side Rhys who was like a high flying ninja, Connor's raft building skills were excellent helping the raft to stay afloat, Jack  was great at belaying on the high ropes and  finally Oscar and Dylan succeeded in teaching Miss Owen how to floss. Hollie continues to be her wonderful, supportive self, and Eden has taken on every challenge!

All packed and ready to travel home tomorrow and the children are super excited to tell you of their successes and favourites along side the difficulties and triumphs.

Well done Worly, here's to another great year 6 residential. You've done us proud!

11.7.18- 20:15-A great day for walking and climbing, great weather and super positive attitudes from all.

We started off the morning with a tour around Castleton Village, stop at the sweet shop (loved by all including the adults) and a hike up to Pevril Castle. What a beautiful view at the top!!

The hike up Mam tor in the afternoon was tricky and a challenge but all succeeded through sweat and some tears (not all from Miss Owen....) The children really spurred each other on and worked as a team to encourage children from Worly and other schools that were finding it difficult. We saw Carter practise his skills on the top of Mam Tor, the world champion at distance paragliding from Mam Tor to Lowestoft in 7 hours. We even got a wave from the skies...

10.7.18- 23:30- Children had a great first full day of activities at Hollowford:

We had high ropes, caving, raft building, weaselling and Hollowford quiz today, what a busy day! The children did great and all really supporting each other no matter which school they've come from. Quick mention of Hollie and her perseverance in the caves, Oscar and Taylor and their full body trip/submerge  into a very large puddle during an obstacle course and Connor's involvement and encouragement of others with weaselling. Tomorrow venture round Castleton town, visit Pevril castle and the hike up Mam Tor. We need a good rest tonight.

9.7.18- 22:00- Children did well with walk around the countryside all settled, unpacked, fed and in bed quietly. Great start to the trip well done Worly! Looking forward to an exciting day tomorrow.
18:00- Year 6 have arrived in Hollowford safely and are tucking into a yummy dinner! :)

We are delighted to announce the result of our recent 
Ofsted inspection. We have been graded. 

 in all areas. 

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