Christingle Service

 The children and family members enjoyed celebrating a magical Christingle service in the Community Centre led by Reverend Burrell. 

Be Bright Be Seen' day

Our JRSOs, Taylor and Jack, organised a fabulous afternoon to teach us all how to ride our bikes safely, check our bikes and be more road aware. We learnt a song, had a 'Be Bright' fashion show and created our own road sign and bright bike designs. 

Remembrance Tea

Thank you to the Friends for organising a wonderful tea and cakes following on from our Remembrance service with Pastor Blowes. Our beautiful poppy table decorations were a success!

Children In Need

We raised money by bringing our favourite teddy to school for the day and enjoying a Teddy Bear's Picnic at lunch. Our Teddy Stalls were very popular after school too . Well done to the School Council for organising it. 

Farmer's Market

This year we had a Soup Themed Farmer's Market, where we turned all our garden produce into soup! 

Prayer Day

We learnt the Lord's Prayer and about why prayer is important to Christians. 

"A prayer is when you are telling God your throughts and worries"- Year 2

"Praying is spending time with God telling him what your fears are."- Year 2

"It's just me that knows and God that knows"- Year 1. 

Language Day

This year our Language Day focused on learning about Germany, the food and culture as well as the language. We all dressed up in the colours of the German Flag to celebrate! 

Harvest Festival
We enjoyed learning about Harvest and we all donated some produce to be auctioned to raise money for charity. 

Year 6 @ Hollowford

Miss Owen spent an amazing week in Hollowford, enjoying weaselling, zip wires, raft building, hill climbing and castle exploring! 

Junior Road Safety Officer

Our super Junior Road Safety Officers achieved their Gold Award! Well done!

Sports Day

Congratulations to Sapphire House- Sports Day Champions! Well done to everyone for trying their best and taking part so well. It was good to be so well supported by our families too. 

Spring Lambs
We were very excited to help feed some new Spring Lambs.

Grandparents Gardening
Goldcrest Class utilised Grandparent power to help with their gardening tasks.

Red Nose Day
We raised money for Comic Relief by having a Crazy Hair Day!

Guru Nanak Gudwara
We were welcomes to the Guru Nanak Gudrawa in Ipswich, where we learnt about the Sikh way of life the Guru Granth Sahib.

Mother's Day Lunch

Fun at Mother's Day Lunch!

Magical Book Week

We had a super time celebrating book week! A magician came to visit the school, a giant left strange footprints in Woodpecker Class, Harry Potter made an appearance in Eagle Class and Goldcrest made magic carpets! We had a super story time each day, buddy reading the afternoons, a dressing up day and magical science lessons!

Alfie Strange

Year 3/4 enjoyed a theatre production at Stradbroke High School!  

Victorian Day

Woodpecker Class spent the morning in a Victorian School. They wrote on slates and had to practise their sewing skills. 

Winnie the Pooh Week
We had a super week celebrating the 90th anniversary of the publication of A. A. Milne’s wonderful Winnie the Pooh stories. As well as enjoying a daily Winnie the Pooh story– including the one where Pooh couldn’t find the Woozle, we also learnt about the different characters and about the language used in the story. Alongside this we completed a number of exciting learning activities:  Goldcrest made honey biscuits, Woodpeckers leant to dance like Heffalumps and Eagles made super beehives.


Christmas Spectacular
Super singing, dancing and acting from all the children at our Nativity performance! 

Christmas Lunch
We had lots of fun at Christmas lunch- thank you to all our governors, readers and volunteers that came and joined us! 

London Visit
Year 5 and 6 (and Woody Woodpecker!) had a super day in London! They enjoyed a Tour of the Houses of Parliament before meeting our MP Daniel Poulter. The children asked Dr Poulter lots of questions about becoming a MP and his work in parliament. Follow the link to read more about the interview. Year 5 and 6 also went on a tour of London, spotting many landmarks, including Monument and St Paul's Cathedral. Finally they explored the Museum of London before boarding the train back to Diss Station.

Year 6 Enterprise 
Year 6 made and sold cookies to raise money for leavers' hoodies.

Farmer's Market and Reflective Garden 
We have been busy all year growing produce in our garden area. This week we have been baking, cooking, stewing and jarring our lovely apples, pears and tomatoes in preparation for our Farmers Market. Thank you to everyone that came along to support the Farmer's Market and the opening of our new Reflective Garden. A big thank you goes to Mrs Wood and Mr Wilkinson for all their hard work with the gardening and to Mrs Wood for her amazing project management for the building of the Reflective Garden. 

Louise Hunt
A Paralympic Tennis player came to inspire us about persevering to achieve your dreams!

Language Day
We enjoyed a super Spanish Day, learning some Spanish, making flags, trying Tapas, making Spanish art and learning Flamenco Dancing! 

Year 6 @ Hollowford: 
Year 6 spent a super week in the Peak District with Miss Owen, walking, exploring castles, raft making, weaselling and climbing towers! 

Sports Day
Everyone joined in Sports day and made it an afternoon of fantastic Olympic Themed fun. Well done to Diamond House for winning the sports day cup!

Summer Concert
We held a special Summer Concert to showcase our musical talents. 

Father's Day Lunch
We celebrated Father's day with a special lunch and invited our Dad's to join us!

Shakespeare Week
We had an amazing week learning all about William Shakespeare and Midsummer Night's Dream. We learnt some Tudor dancing, had a Tudor feast and dressed up as Tudors or characters from Midsummer Night's Dream. We can all retell the story and have learnt a lot about Tudor language. We enjoyed spending a day at a Tudor school learning to write with a quill.

Road Safety
Our Junior Road Safety Officers taught us how to cross roads safely. We also enjoyed a quiz where we learnt about the Green Cross Code.#

Queen's Birthday Tea Party
We enjoyed the opportunity to sing at the Village Tea Party to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday!

Light Day

The whole school took part in a science and RE Light Day. We moved around the school in our house groups and enjoyed different activities in each classroom based on the theme of Light.

In a dark classroom, lit only by a candle, lamp and a torch we carefully considered why Jesus described himself as the ‘Light of the World’.  In another room we listened to the story of Noah’s ark and the rainbow and how God says he always keeps his promises. We made some promises of our own. We made our very own shadow puppets in the staffroom and then used light to show how the shadows are produced. Using prisms, we investigated how light is composed of different colours and made our own rainbow spinners. Finally, all children made a candle holder using clay or plasticine which they will be bringing home.

All children enjoyed the morning and spent lots of time reflecting on light through the subjects of science and RE.

Sports Relief

We all came to school wearing our sports kits and took part in a sporting carousel of events to raise money for Sports Relief. Thank you to the school council for organising the activities.

Food for Life
We attended a Food For Life workshop, where we enjoyed making sausages and pickles. We had a tour of the farm and received our Bronze Award.

Book Week
We all dressed up as book characters during Book week. We had a visit from a local Author, a Librarian and we shared 'shelfies'. We also enjoyed a bedtime story together!
Be Bright Be Seen!
Our Junior Road Safety officers organised an afternoon of fun activities, where we learnt about the importance of wearing bright clothing. We played some games and had a fashion show.

Community Afternoon
We held a community afternoon, where our children interviewed a number of special visitors, including the School nurse, Ena, Pastor Adam, from Horham, Ann, the Road Safety Officer, Trevor a Fire Officer and Val Swallow, who spoke about the work she does in the local community. The children asked some very probing questions and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the roles these people play within our Community.

Children in Need
Thank you for your donations towards Children in Need, we raised:  £71.05.

Remembrance Afternoon Tea
Rev Burrell came into school to lead our special Remembrance Assembly. We learnt about the role the Royal British Legion plays in supporting veterans and service men and women.
The Friends organised a special afternoon tea for local people.

Eric Carle
We had a week where all our activities were based on the books written by Eric Carle. On Friday we came dressed up as characters from his books! We had Bad Tempered Ladybirds, Hungry Caterpillars, beautiful butterflies and many other creatures!

Farmer's Market
A big THANK YOU to Mrs Wood and Mr Wilkinson for their hard work in the garden and the time they give to our Gardening Club. At our Farmer's Market we sold some of the produce that we had grown, including the prize winning onion, weighing 456g! Maple and Willow Classes baked cheese and courgette bread, as apple muffins with some of the delicious produce on offer. These went down a storm. Acorn Class worked very hard bagging, pricing and advertising the goods. Thank you to all the parents and local people for coming along and supporting our venture!

Language Day
We had super day learning about France, the food and the culture. We came to school wearing red, white and blue to represent the colours on the French flag. We tasted traditional French food, learnt about important places and monuments in France, played French games, and even built our own Eiffel Towers!