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The brochure is designed to give you an insight into the values and principles we hold as important, and we promote these across all aspects of school life.  We are every proud of our village school, being housed in a beautiful old building in a quiet location, with attractive surroundings.  We very much see ourselves as an integral part of the local community and seek to maximise opportunities for community links.

Being a small school enables a more personal touch with children and parents, and we enjoy the benefits of strong parental links.

As a church school, the values we strive to promote include:

  • Creating a stimulating and safe environment where pupils can be happy, confident, successful learners
  • Providing high quality teaching and learning opportunities for all children regardless of race, gender or special needs
  • Engendering in each child a caring, responsible attitude towards others, both in school and in the wider community
  • Embedding the culture of a learning environment where staff and children strive for constant improvement and proactively seek challenges and opportunities for personal development

If you would like to find out more about the school please contact the school and make an appointment to visit.

I hope you will enjoy reading about our very special school.

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